Friday, November 9, 2007

Curious George - website review

Some fun with that curious little monkey known as George (seems like he has been around forever). There are two different Curious George websites your children can visit that offer plenty of activities and interactive learning tools.

The first website is through the Houghton Mifflin Books website.


Website Features:

Games- Curious about counting is an interactive game in which your children help George count curious objects such as shiny balloons, beach balls and more.

Printable Activities - plenty of printable activities that will keep your children amused as the are learning different concepts.

Curious George Party Kit - Ideas to host a fun-filled Curious George event include invitations, name tags, and Curious George e-cards.

Parents, there is also a section for those of you that are teachers or librarians which list components you can use to host a fun-filled reading event.

Before leaving the website make sure you print out the recipe for Curious George banana bread, it's very simply to make and tasty!

The second Curious George Website is through PBS Kids. Much like the popular PBS Kids TV series, the website introduces young children to concepts in engineering, math and science, while keeping it fun along the way.


Web Site Features:

Video Clips - over fifty clips from the series demonstrating science, engineering and math concepts.

Printables - many different pictures to print out on your computer to color, play games and make crafts.

Games - Thirteen interactive games featuring Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat. Your children will learn problem-solving, visual identification, animal sounds, job solving, memory and number concepts.

This website also includes a section for parents and teachers. Plenty of educational materials including materials for the classroom, recommended books, and a great 12-page activity booklet for parents and their children.

One last thing parents, while your kids are busy with all their activities, don't forget that banana bread.

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Nick said...

monkey's are the best. They always make me smile, and Curious George is a hero among monkeys. Nice review.


Sammie said...

We love Curious George also. Its amazing how long he has been around and gone through the different generations.

Thank you for the visit and comment Nick. I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work.