Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Easter Tags

I was going to list this one as just for us parents, but my daughter likes to print these out and give them to classmates as cards. Plus, she makes little projects out of them.

So I guess we have something for the little kids and something for us BIG kids.

From the Hershey's website comes some cute Easter tags that you can print out and put the finishing touches on the Easter baskets or any other Easter related presents.

They have six different tags listed that you can download and then print out on your computer printer (as with most of the items we list on Fun 4 The Children, at the time of this posting we have downloaded the tags and printed them out with no problems).

While your at the Hershey's website you might also want to click the "Free Stuff" link towards the top of the website. You will find some other neat Easter extras:

Easter Coloring Pages
Egg Decorating - printable stickers, egg holders, and stencils
Easter Scrapbook Essentials
Easter wallpapers and Screensavers
Easter activities and eCards

Visit the Hershey's website to print your Eater tags and any other of the Easter extras you are interested in.

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