Friday, April 18, 2008

Nickelodeon’s Wildflower Seed Card 04/19/08

If you can make a visit to Wal*Mart tomorrow 04/19/08, you can pick up a free Nickelodeon’s Wildflower Seed Card for your kids.

Further information from Walmart - "One way to start help in making a difference for the Earth, come to Wal-Mart on April 19 at 8AM local time* to pick up your free seed card from Wal-Mart and Nickelodeon.

Just by planting your card under 1/4" of soil and ensuring it receives plenty of sun and moisture, the wildflowers grown will help create great environments for honeybees and birds!

Wal-Mart is the exclusive online sponsor for Nickelodeon’s, The Big Green Help."

On the back of the seed card is an invitation to play The SpongeBob Eco-Adventure game at

These will go fast, so you had better get there early. Good luck!

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