Saturday, August 2, 2008

Activity TV

I received a wonderful e-mail from Rob Huff who is part of the web content team at Activity TV. Rob wanted to share the wide array of fun activities for children that Activity TV provides... and I'm very happy he did!

I have found Activity TV to be one of the more enjoyable, easy to use, children's activity websites on the Internet.

Activity TV will provide plenty of fun activities for your children, with video instructions and printables. I love the way they break down each activity by providing you with a description of that activity, a materials list, instructions, safety warnings, and a video to go along showing you the whole project.

activity tv

There’s a great selection of craft ideas including gifts, games, and holiday items. Do your children have a fascination for magic? If so, there's a wide selection of magic tricks to learn and our future chefs can try the fun and easy kid-friendly cooking recipes.

Check out the simple, safe and fun science experiments or very cool paper airplanes. Other categories include cartooning, cheerleading, juggling, origami, jewelry, puppets, and more.

I'd like to thank Rob for sharing Activity TV, it's sure to provide hours of fun for your children. I'm more than happy to rate Activity TV an A+ as one of the better instructional activity websites for children on the Internet.

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