Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Activities and Recipes

A fun Halloween book containing Halloween stories that you can personalize, gross recipes for your children's Halloween parties and some cute Halloween games to play.

I tried to get this book as large as possible to make reading it easy. To see a bigger version:

Click on the image that looks like a television screen in top right hand corner of the Scribd toolbar. It will go to a full screen of the book and if you need to make it larger from there, just press the + button.

You can also click on the word "Scribd" and you will be taken to a larger version.

To print this book out on your computer click the "iPaper" link on the Scribd toolbar (located above book).

Note: You can print the St Patrick's Day Puzzles and Mazes for Free. To download you have to buy a subscription or upload a document to Scibd.

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Swingset Staff said...

These are wonderful ideas. Usually my children and I just go out and trick-or-treat, but with these, it will give us an opportunity to do spend more quality time together.