Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Cyber Safety Kids E-book

Parents, we are responsible for providing safe Internet for our children. The Internet contains millions of web pages that contain unsafe content for our children.

There are so many risks associated with the Internet, cyberbullying, online gambling, sexual predators, scams and so much more, with the numbers increasing by the day. One can not be to protective when allowing our kids to use the world wide web.

We found a wonderful e-book to help you and your children learn more about safety on the Internet. The Free Cyber Safety Kids E-book will teach you how to keep your children and teens safe online by applying
effective real world parenting skills to cyberspace.

Tip: To save time and money on ink: When you choose Print, you may have noticed a button that says "Properties." Click "Properties" and then "Print Quality." Select either "Draft Print" or "Fast Draft" (options are different on some printers) to print a fast copy that saves ink!

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