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Best Car Safety Features for Single Parents

If you have a lawn, you’re eventually going to have to mow it. It’s not going to mow itself. That’s how it is with everything: The job isn’t going to come to you – you have to go to it. The groceries aren’t going to pick themselves up. Your children aren’t going to bring themselves to school (for a few years, anyway).

At the root of it all (except for mowing the lawn), the issue is the same: eventually, you’re going to need a car. As a single adult, unattached, you might have been able to function fine relying on carpooling and public transit, but with kids now in the mix, a car is a necessity.

Despite this, shopping for cars can seem overwhelming. Not only do you first have to consider the price of cars, but you have to weigh these prices against statistics, reports, and marketing pressures.

As a single parent, there are specific needs to consider along with price. While you begin your car shopping experience, let following factors weigh in with your final decision.

Accident Safety

In the United States, there are over six million car accidents every year, and out of the 40,000 people that die in those accidents; 2,000 of those are children under the age of 14. Even if you are a careful driver, accidents can happen. Because you value you and your child’s safety, choosing a safe car should be priority number one. Air bags, headrests, seatbelts, and impact-reductive frame materials should be part of any car you choose.


If you have young children who need child safety or booster seats, having a large back seat with doors that open nice and wide can make your life a whole lot easier. It’s a simple point but serves to belabor. Plus, having some extra space in the backseat can make moving things just a little easier.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Though anti-lock brakes have slowly become more standard over the past decade, they are still listed as an option on many models. If possible, choose the ABS option. Anti-lock brakes give you extra surety in bad weather, and though you should always drive carefully, ABS helps.

Locking Seatbelts

Statistics show that seatbelts save lives. You see the commercials on TV and the billboards on the side of the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that a well-installed child safety seat and seatbelt can reduce the chance of a child dying in a car accident by 71% for infants and over 50% for toddlers. Locking seatbelts in the front and backseats are absolutely necessary for driver and passenger safety.


Features like OnStar, DVD players, personal heating/cooling systems, and rear-view cameras might cost you a little bit extra, but can make driving a car a whole lot easier (and quieter). If you have the money, let yourself splurge a little for some luxury. Your children will appreciate you for it.

If you buy the right car and maintain it well, it will last you a lifetime. What are other safety features you should consider for you and your child when purchasing a car?

A big thank you to Courtney Bishop for sharing this insightful article with Fun 4 The Children!

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