Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activity Book

The Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activity Book is one of our most popular publications for young children from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

A fun mini-book for young children, this free, printable 11-page coloring / activity book is full of tips for making the Earth a better place.

Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activity Book

Inside the Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activity Book you'll find a Taking Care of Earth every day checklist, What's Wrong Here page, Fill In thee Blanks, Cut-outs and a bunch of coloring pages for your children to keep track of all the good things they can do for the Earth.

You can print out as many copies of the Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activity Book as you would like and they can also be printed out and used as classroom posters/motivators for children.

If the above link for this offer is not working or expired, we still might be able to help you get a free copy. Contact US and let us know what you're looking for as we save many of these offers to our computers.

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TheKerneyCrump said...

I think it is important to give a child a toy that is environmentally friendly to celebrated Earth day, something like a pair of wooden blocks, no plastic or chemicals that could damage the Earth. For this Earth day my family and I celebrated by going to a store in Sydney that hand crafts wooden blocks and holds the environment in the highest esteem, Forever Blocks.