Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kids Halloween Crafts

Kids Halloween crafts are a great way to entertain kids in the lead up to Halloween. As Halloween gets closer, kids get more and more excited so keeping their hands with crafts is a great way to keep them occupied. The things they make can often be used as decorations so that they end being functional as well as fun to make. There are loads of ideas on the internet or you can try a few of the following suggestions.

Of one of the favorite kids Halloween crafts is to create ghosts that can be hung inside or outside as Halloween decorations. One clever way to make ghosts used wax paper, black card and glitter. You need to cut two ghost shapes out of the wax paper. To do this fold a sheet of wax paper in half and draw the ghost shape. Then cut out the two sheets at once. Lay one of them on clean white paper and then add the eyes and mouth cut from black card. Next sprinkle it with glitter. The other ghost is then laid over the first one matching the edges and a sheet of clean white paper is laid on this. Iron this gently on a medium heat so that the wax papers meld together. Your ghost can then be hung up or it can be shredded before it is hung up. These look especially good hanging in a window where the glitter catches the sunlight.

If you want the kids to get involved in creating Halloween crafts, you won't want to have to spend a fortune on materials. There is a simple way to create ghosts that only requires a box of large tissues and table tennis balls. Just put a ball in the center of a tissue and wrap it over the tissue tying it up with a band. The ball will be the ghost head and the rest of the tissue will be its tail. Now use a marker to draw its eyes a mouth and you have a mini tissue ghost. Make several to hang around the house. Each one can have a different expression by giving each different eyes and a different mouth.

Balloon ghosts can also be made in a similar manner to the tissue ghosts above. This time use a white balloon that has been slightly inflated and a plastic grocery bag. Cut the handles from the bag and the wrap it over the white balloon. Tie it at the bottom of the balloon and then decorate the face with a black marker. These ones can be hung outside and look good hung from trees or shrubs where they can sway in a gentle breeze.

There are many different kids Halloween crafts that you can get the kids doing. Many activities don't require special equipment and are low cost or free to create. It is also fun to get the whole family involved and best of all the kids will be very proud of their creations when they are used to decorate your home for Halloween.

Teresa Evans is a parent and teacher who has created a range of kids Halloween Activities. For your set of free printable kids Halloween activities click here


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