Monday, March 19, 2012

Children’s Toys That will Dominate 2012

Consumers receive constant bombardment with an ever-growing selection of toys designed for kids from birth and on up. While some toys wow because of the simple entertainment and pleasure they provide, others products remain popular because of their continued presence in one form of media or another. Keep your eye out for offers on

Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse

Top selling toys designed for infants are cuddly, cute and entertain while fine-tuning baby’s audio, visual and tactile senses. The Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse, created by Fisher Price, provides up to five minutes of calming lullabies, soft music or soothing sounds of the ocean. Give the seahorse a gentle squeeze and the music plays while a soft glowing light simultaneously illuminates from the plush toy’s soft belly. The seahorse also comes equipped with a volume control, shut off switch, and retails for less than $20.

Learn and Groove Musical Table

Older babies and toddlers thoroughly enjoy all of the activity options of the Learn and Groove Table, manufactured by Leap Frog. From as early as six months of age, the colourful table captivates youngsters for hours with a variety of rolling, sliding and spinning toys. The table further entertains children with dozens of melodies and songs, along with basic bilingual (English and Spanish) language skills that teach ABCs, 123s, colours and shapes. Parents find this delightful entertaining and educational toy for around $40.

Angry Birds

Now the entire family may enjoy the popular android phone app game that inspired millions of downloads. The Angry Birds-Knock on Wood Game, recommended for ages five and up, requires that players build structures for the pigs, based on a chosen card. Players then catapult the angry birds at the structures. Players receive points for eliminating structures and the enemy pigs inside. The game does not require reading, which makes the illustrated instructions on each card simple enough for the comprehension of even the youngest of players. The game progresses through four levels of building, with the last level allowing players complete design control. The popular board game retails for under $20.


Coinciding with the release of the “Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon” movie, toy companies quickly developed new and improved versions of the beloved main characters, newly introduced Autobots and the various members of the Decepticon. Recommended for children over the age of three, the Transformers come in a wide range of sizes. The action figures retail anywhere from $13 to $80, depending on the number and type of bells and whistles individual models contain.

Fur Real Friends

Designed for children aged four years and up, these lifelike animals provide youngsters with hours of enjoyment and a taste of pet ownership. The wide selection of potential pets includes cats, dogs and rabbits, along with parrots, guinea pigs and chimpanzees. Battery operated, the robotic pets respond to touch or noise by performing certain movements or making sounds. Maintaining the attractiveness of the pet merely requires using a dampened cloth. Fur Real Friends vary in price from $10 to $60, depending on the animal’s size and number of functions.

Children’s Toys That will Dominate 2012 is a guest post by Nisha.

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