Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Top Easter Games for Children

Easter is a great time of year for children for a number of different reasons including all the nice Easter eggs that they’ll receive, the time off they get from school and if they are lucky the sun will start to come out more often! However, if you’re not sure how you’ll keep your children entertained over the few weeks that they get off from school, don’t worry since we’re going to list some games that will keep them busy for a while. Here are some ideas for you:

Easter Egg Hunt – This one is probably one of the most obvious games that you can play with children over Easter, but it’s still worth mentioning it. For this game, all you’ll need is a few Easter eggs and some notes that you can leave around at random places that give clues to the children to help them find the eggs. Usually outdoor Easter egg hunts work the best, but you can always have an indoor Easter egg hunt too.

Guess the Eggs – This is another simple game which will definitely entertain children for a while. Just fill a jar or whatever with small eggs and ask the children to guess how many eggs are in it. Whoever guesses the closest answer will take home all of the eggs. However, don’t forget to count the eggs while you’re putting them in!

Egg Toss – For this game, you’ll firstly need to organise the children into groups or two. After you’ve done this, give each group one egg each. Explain to them that every time you shout “throw” (or something similar) that they must throw the egg to their partner. If they drop the egg they are eliminated while if they catch the egg the game continues on until there is just one group left. You can also have some prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place if you want to make it more exciting.

Make an Easter Basket – Finally, you can see who can make the best Easter basket too. Just print out the sheet from that link and then ask each child to colour it in to see who the best at colouring is. After they’ve coloured in everything you might need to help them out making it look like a basket since you’ll need scissors and glue to make it. When everyone has their own basket you can then put a few nice things like small Easter eggs in each basket.

Top Easter Games for Children is a Guest Post from Lianne.

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