Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Raise Healthy Kids with these Awesome Mealtime Tips

Raise Healthy Kids with these Awesome Mealtime Tips is a guest post by Kiera S. Campbell, author of Yummy Healthy Tummy: The Secrets of Raising Healthy Kids Every Parent Needs to Know!

Do not let the crunch of impending mealtimes stop you from serving healthy food to your children. For example, preparing healthy breakfasts when you still have to go to work may not be a viable option. So, here are great tips that you can incorporate in your mealtime preparations to make doing them a breeze.


1. Sliced fruit is fast and easy to serve. Always have fruit on your dinner table. Bananas, apples, and pears can be eaten on the go. Your kids will love them, too.

2. Mix granola and yogurt. Then top the mixture with berries, sliced apples, or any fruit.

3. Do not forget to top waffles, toast, oatmeal, cereal, or pancakes with fruit. Frozen blueberries and strawberries come in handy as all-time favorite breakfast toppings for kids. Jams, jellies, and relishes can be used, but it is much healthier to use whole fruits.

4. When making omelets, add vegetables. Broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, bell peppers, and tomatoes can all be quickly diced and thrown in into the skillet while you cook the omelet.

Lunches and Dinners

1. When you serve pizzas for the kids, go easy on the cheese toppings and add more vegetables like bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

2. Include cooked beans in the salad. Beans are excellent protein sources. If your kids like something sweet in their salads, then add sliced apples, chopped pears, and raisins.

3. If you serve pasta or a casserole, then add corn, peas, green beans, or broccoli.

4. Soup is a nourishing and delicious option for family dinners. If you want to save time, then stick to basic soups like tomato soups or vegetable soups. If you resort to canned soups, then choose the low-sodium versions.

5. Stir-fried vegetables in olive oil are flavorful and easy to make.

6. When eating out, choose healthy side dishes as much as possible. Instead of grease-ridden French fries, go for corn on a cob, beans, or a salad.

Snack Ideas

1. Always have a box of raisins or a plastic package of nuts in hand. Put one in your bag and your kid’s school bag.

2. Whole fruit (like an apple) is an amazing mid-morning snack.

3. Prepare sandwiches with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and cucumbers. You can’t go wrong with these healthy sandwich additions.

Kiera S. Campbell is the author of “Yummy Healthy Tummy: The Secrets of Raising Healthy Kids Every Parent Needs to Know!” She can teach you how you can help your children grow up to love and choose healthy eating for life. Visit http://www.yummyhealthytummy.com to learn more.

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