Thursday, January 10, 2013

Time to Plan That New Years Party How to Make a Great Invitation

Now that the Mayan apocalypse has come and gone, we've got a new era to celebrate. Create a New Year’s Eve Party to remember for the year 2013. You can make it a beginning of the end party, or beginning after the end party. Since you're short on time to put together this celebration, you may want to consider using online printing services to print your invitations.

Think about what guest you would like to come to your party. If you are planning on having families with kids make sure that your invitations reflect that. On the other hand if you are planning a wild end to this year and welcoming the new year with a bang, be sure to make it clear to your guests that they need to come prepared.

Next you will want to pick a fun and original theme for your party. The theme is what will help you come up with the designs for your invitation. Since this will be a New Year's Party and something of an End Of The World Party, you can combine both themes to great effect. Consider going with a South American party heavy with Mayan influence. Incorporate Mayan themed decorations, and even make use of their circular calendar as part of your party decor. In fact, the Mayan calendar could be featured on the front of your invitations.

You can also put together South American dishes to serve guests at a buffet or cocktail party style. Whip up a smoky tomatillo salsa with warm, salty corn chips for dipping. Make quick pickups of oven baked plantains and sliced chorizo, or warm empanadas. Mix in some of the traditional New Year's items, such as gold and silver hats, banners, and of course, noisemakers. Get the guests dancing to some Latin American music, and ring in the new year with the classic Auld Lang Syne. It really won't take much effort at all to create a cohesive blended South American or Mayan influenced New Year's party.

Once you have your theme, you can create the design for your New Year's invitations. Look at the elements you will be using at the party, and incorporate those elements into your invitation. Have fun with the wording, the pictures, and even the invitation shape. Pay close attention to formatting specifications before sending your invitation files off to online printing services.

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