Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Help Improve Your Child's Academic Performance in 2013

Helping children succeed in school is one of the most important duties for parents. There are many ways to encourage your children to learn and grow educationally. Here are some ways to point your kids toward a lifetime of learning. 

Read Together 

Reading with your children helps them do well in school. Snuggling up with a book teaches literacy skills and language acquisition while instilling a life-long love of reading. Share stories aloud when you child is too young to read alone, then continue the practice even after he or she can read independently. Choose stories that are just beyond his or her reading level, and commit to spending at least a few minutes each day reading together.

Make the World a Classroom 

Education does not just have to take place in the classroom. Expand your child's opportunities for learning by taking an interactive approach outside the school's walls. If your child is learning about nutrition, for example, let him or her help you make healthy choices at the grocery store. If marine life is the subject of this week's biology lesson, take a family trip to the aquarium or go fishing together. These activities take an interactive approach to learning and show your child you are engaged in his or her education.  

Create a Learning Space 

Children are often tempted by distractions like the television or computer while attempting to do homework. Create a learning space just for your child so he or she can focus on the tasks ahead. The space may be an entire room or just a corner of the dining room. As long as it is quiet, it will work. Outfit the space with everything your child needs to complete assignments, like pens and pencils, extra paper, a calculator and a calendar to keep track of important due dates. Shelves and storage spaces will keep the area organized so your child can focus. 

Motivate Your Student 

When your child becomes frustrated or is not studying as often as he or she should, bring in role models to help boost motivation. If your child is interested in becoming a doctor, for example, set up a meeting with a practicing physician to learn more about the profession. Attend college open days to show your child what his or her future can be if studying takes priority. If your child needs extra help, consider hiring a tutor who can motivate and help him or her through tough subjects. 

Stay Positive

Not every child is academically brilliant, but that does not mean you cannot celebrate successes. Acknowledge your child's efforts and recognize their improvements. Positive feedback can boost their confidence, motivation and ultimately their ability to learn. 

How to Help Improve Your Child's Academic Performance in 2013 is a Guest Post from Lyndsi Decker.

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Lyndsi Decker is a freelance writer and is promoting a Washington tutor as well as Tacoma private tutors. When not blogging about parenting she spends time traveling with her family.

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