Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Printable Halloween Masks

Cute and simple printable Halloween masks for young kids! You don't have to spend a ton of money on a costume for your little one for it to be neat looking. Printable masks can be fun to wear and can provide the perfect costume for a little one when including a piece or pieces of clothing that thay already have in their closet!

My advice: Print out your Halloween mask on card stock to make it last longer. You can even and even laminate them or make them out of felt!

Halloween Masks Printable

Scary Printable Halloween Masks

Fantasy Jr has ten free, highly detailed, printable Halloween kids masks that are really creepy but fun!

15 Paper Masks to Print

Hellokids gives us 15 Halloween masks to choose from. You'll find the following Halloween masks: Bat, Alien, Bloody Monster Face, Witch, Skull, Pumpkin, Phantom, Cyclops, Mummy, Frankenstein, Devil, Zombie, Skeleton, Spider Monster and Sorceress.

FRANKENWEENIE Printable Halloween Masks

Download, print and cut out one of four character masks from the movie Frankenweenie!

Printable Masks for Halloween has the following free printable Halloween masks: Lion Mask, Phantom Mask, Big Bald Dude Mask, Mummy Mask, Dracula Mask, Skull Mask, Black Cat Mask, Clown Mask and Penguin Face Mask. They also have kids masks that can be colored: Clown Mask, Mummy Mask, Frankenstein Mask, Baby Ghost Mask, Starry Eyed Glasses, Kitty Cat Mask and Flower Power Spectacles.


Kid Scraps adds the excitement of coloring your mask before you wear it. Ten Masks-to-Color for your children to choose from.


Wee Alphas go DIY for Halloween

Easy, super-inexpensive Halloween costume. Not just a mask but an entire costume for your little one!!

11 Halloween Masks Kids Can Make

Not printable but cute, easy designs. The Family Education Network wants you to get creative by making your own one-of-a-kind Halloween mask. Very cool designs include: Cat Mask, Pumpkin Mask, Egg Carton Mask, Handle Mask, Martian Mask, Mouse Mask, Lion Mask, Rooster Mask, Fox Mask, Giraffe Mask, Create-a-Mask

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