Friday, December 14, 2007

Cartoon Yourself

UPDATE: They have taken down the offer for Cartoon Yourself and I have removed the link to this offer.

I would like to thank Nancy N. for sending me an e-mail to recommend for the readers of this blog.

At Cartoon Yourself, your children can be featured in their own cartoons. There are many different cartoon collections to choose from including some cute cartoon for the Christmas holiday.

Start by choosing a cartoon collection and then select a photo of your child to upload. A little advise, a close up shot of your child's face will work the best. From there you can rotate and resize your photo and adjust the skin tone in the cartoon.

When you have you cartoon the way you like it, you can get your own web address to view your cartoon, embed it to a blog/website, or e-mail it to a loved one. I have also used mine as a background on my computer and printed them out on my printer.

The above option are free of charge, as they also have paid options for posters, framed prints and more.

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