Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School Helpers: Grab-and-Go Morning Lists and Notes to Go

With school getting ready to start up again, mornings will be a busy time with your children getting ready for school. I've run across two neat tools (The Fuel for School Grab-and-Go Morning Lists and Notes To Go) over at the Kellogg's website to make mornings a little easier, as well as a fun way to send reminders to your kiddies.

The Fuel for School Grab-and-Go Morning Lists help make your mornings easier and ensure your kids have everything they need before they go to school. They have two list, one for children in day care through grade 2 and another for those in grades 3 through 6.

You can download and print out these lists, which act as checklists to make sure your children have everything they need for that day at school. Anything not on the list can be written in on the bottom and there is also a picture on the lists that your children can color. Working together with your children, you can check off the items as they are completed.

Notes to Go is a fun way to send friendly reminder notes with your children before they head out for school. Choose a Kellogg's character, type your notes, print it and then place them in your child's backpack, lunch box or school folder.

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