Thursday, September 1, 2011

Free The Wiggles Summer 2011 MP3 Sampler

Amazon is offering a Free The Wiggles Summer 2011 Sampler MP3 download.

Song Titles include:

1. Thank You, Mr. Weatherman! – The Wiggles; Al Roker

2. England Swings – The Wiggles; Keith Urban

3. Hawaiian Boogie – The Wiggles

4. Clap Your Hands with Dorothy – The Wiggles

5. How Many Fingers Do I See? – The Wiggles

5. What’s the Name of That Song? – Big Bird, Oscar, Savion, Bob, Gina, Gordon, Lillian, Luis, Maria, Merry Monster, Mr. Hanford, Prairie Dawn, Rosita, Susan, Telly Monster

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