Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Top 5 Costumes Kids want for Halloween 2011

Summer almost over, and fall is just around the corner. With the changing of the seasons comes school, colder weather and one of your kids’ most favorite holidays: Halloween! Some kids start thinking about Halloween as soon as September first hits, deciding what they want to dress up as and dreaming of all the sugary treats that they’ll get. While there are no end to the different costumes that your child could wear, there tends to be certain costumes that are more popular than others, year to year. Here are the top five costumes kids will be looking for in 2011.

1. Harry Potter characters

With the final instalment of the movies series based on the popular Harry Potter books a huge hit this summer, you can bet there will be a slew of Harrys, Rons and Hermiones out and about on October 31st. A well placed lightning bolt scar on the forehead, some round glasses and a long black cloak will turn your child into the perfect Harry Potter. For Ron, buy some Halloween hairspray in bright orange. Your little girl will make the perfect Hermione in a Gryffindor colored scarf and black cloak.

2. Zombies

With zombies taking over movies and books (but thankfully not the world yet) your child may decide that dressing up as the undead is the perfect thing for trick or treating or a Halloween party. You can buy all kinds of face make up that can give them the perfect pasty zombie look, along with some well placed fake blood. As for the actual costumes, it' s easy enough. Just grab some old clothes and rip them up. Roll them around in dirt or mud and add some fake blood. A blank look and staggering walk from your kid will perfect the costume.

3. Smurfs

Thanks to the Smurfs movie, a whole new generation of kids are getting to know the little blue guys (and gal). So of course there will more than likely be a ton of Grumpy, Papa, Vanity and Smurfettes out on Halloween, smurfing around and getting a sugar high. There are a few ways you can go when perfecting your child`s smurf costume. You can rent an actually smurf costume, choose one of the plastic ones that are sold in department stores, or you can opt to get creative and make the costume yourself. Blue body paint for the face, a matching blue shirt, white pants and a white pillow case stuffed and shaped like a smurf hat will do the trick.

4. Lady Gaga

Back in the 80s, going punk rock for Halloween allowed kids to get wild and creative. For 2011, Lady Gaga gives kids the chance to go crazy. Any weird or fun dress will do (rated G, of course!). Add some wild makeup and hairstyle or wig and your child will be the perfect little Gaga monster.

5. Superheroes

With the slew of superhero movies that came out this spring and summer, there's no doubt that if you have a boy, he'll probably want to go as his favorite superhero. Thor, The Green Lantern and Captain America are the most popular choices for this Halloween.

Even though it’s August, Halloween is technically right around the corner. And when it comes to the hottest costumes for the year, it’s never too late to start planning. If you don’t want to make them yourself, then head online and order them from a costume company. But don't wait too long. The most popular ones will be snatched up fast!

Are you kids getting excited for Halloween yet? Do they know what costume they want?

Shelly Towns is a writer, mom & holiday enthusiast. Among her favorite holidays is Halloween where she enjoys carving pumpkins, researching costume rental and decorating the house.

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