Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ovie's Underground Club

Have your children explore the farm and have some fun at Ovie's Underground. Your children can learn some fun organic farm facts as well as the different parts of the farm as they stroll through Anna's Farm Tour.

You will also find four Ovie's Farm search games where your kids can search for helpers on the farm while learning what each one does.

Be sure to visit their Wiggling links page under Organic 101 as they provide other fun activity links for your children.

Parents, you should also sign your children up for Ovie's Underground Club as they will receive Ovie's e-magazine by email every other month filled with fun things for them, a special club kit with your worm tag, and membership card. Moms and dads will also receive some helpful coupons for Organic Valley Products.

Ovie's Underground Club

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