Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages - Pilgrims

Staying with the tradition of Thanksgiving, let's add some coloring pages of the first settlers of Plymouth Massachusetts, the Pilgrims.

Male and Female Pilgrims coloring page 1

Male and Female Pilgrim coloring page 2

"Give Thanks" Pilgrim 1

"Giving Thanks" Pilgrims 2

Pilgrims - A Harvest of Pumpkins

Pilgrim Family

Pilgrim Lady 1

Pilgrim Lady 2

Pilgrim Lady 3

Pilgrim Hat 1

Pilgrim Hat 2

Pilgrims - Wild Fowl

Searching Pilgrim

Pilgrim Man 1

Pilgrim Man 2

Pilgrim Man 3

Pilgrim Man 4

Praying Pilgrim

Pilgrims Planting Corn

Pilgrim Girl

Pilgrim Boy

Pilgrim Girl and Boy

Pilgrim Progress

Pilgrim Women

Pilgrim Village

A Pilgrim Fireplace

If you should know of any other Pilgrim coloring pages not on this list, or have any Pilgrim pictures you have drawn and would like to add to Fun 4 The Children, please let us know.

As always, all pictures are children friendly and safe to print on your computer printer. Happy Pilgrim coloring!

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