Friday, December 21, 2007

Free Santa Letters

I received a bunch of e-mails asking if Fun 4 The Children makes letters from Santa. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no, we will not be doing letters to Santa this year.

What I have done is found some website where you will be able to print out some Santa letters and it won't cost you anything.

Make sure you read the directions on each website as each of these sites are a little different. Also, for best results make sure you print all letters in color.

Free Letter From Santa - a bunch of different letters to choose from and requires no registration

Christmas Letter Tips - this website also has a bunch of different letters to choose from. They also have specialized categories for Santa letters such as Baby's First Christmas, letter for pets, new brother, sister, and more. No e-mail address or registration needed.

Free Letters From Santa Claus - this one has five unique letter to choose from. Make sure you explore the bed-time Christmas stories on their website. No e-mail address or registration needed.

Santa's Workshop - click "Make letter from Santa" in the left sidebar for a choice of three different letters with graphics. Make sure you also click "North Pole Postmarks" to add an authentic looking postmark to your envelope. Requires an e-mail address.

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Michael Williams said...

I totally agree, why pay money on such service when you can use a FREE online service to create personalized Santa's Letter and Santa Envelopes for your children.

I found such a free service at and after I gave it a try I can only say I am amazed by the quality of the letter and the envelope design.

You can customized, download, print or e-mail Santa's Letter to your kids or the your friends.

Merry Christmas!

Sammie said...

Thanks Michael, it's appreciated. I added a new post, Free Letters from Santa to include the service you recommended.

Thank you!