Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I had previously posted a link for an online survey panel geared toward children ages 6-12 called KidzEyes.

For those of you with teenagers in your home, they also have an online survey panel called TeensEyes.

Based on the same concept as KidEyes, TeensEyes.com is an online survey panel of teens between 13 and 18. TeensEyes surveys reward teens for telling the companies that make products and services for them how they look through teens' eyes.

From the TeensEyes website: "After you've registered, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to activate your membership. Once you activate your membership, you'll receive 300 points for joining, and we will start e-mailing you invitations to take surveys.

When you register, we'll also send a letter to your parent or guardian notifying them of your registration, and asking them to fill in a separate survey for parents or guardians. When they fill out this survey, they will earn 200 points for you. From time to time we may invite parents or guardians of members to participate in surveys so we can learn what parents and teens see eye-to-eye on, and what they see differently.

Once you take your first survey, you'll start to collect points in your account. Some surveys are short and take just a few minutes, and others are long. Every time you complete one, you'll earn points in your account. You can earn anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand points (between $2-$20) each time you complete a survey."

Your not going to get hundreds of surveys sent, as they try to send at least one a month, sometimes two. The surveys don't take long and you don't have to worry about your teenager receiving any inappropriate items from the company. Surveys consist of such items as movies, music, TV shows, video games and sports.

To sign up just visit TeensEyes.com. Make sure you read through their website, especially the FAQS and privacy policy to get a better understanding of their program.

If any of the readers of Fun 4 The Children belong to TeensEyes please don't hesitate to leave a comment or send an e-mail.

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