Thursday, March 27, 2008

KidZui - The Internet for Kids

Here's another new web browser for children to help protect them when they are online. KidZui, aims to let kids see only what the parents allow, and sends parents notices of what their children are looking at and searching for. With regular emails and online reports, you stay up-to-date with what your kids think is cool.

KidZui has over 500,000 websites, videos and pictures, and their content is reviewed by parents and teachers so your kids can surf independently.

One of the nice features of KidZui is the regular emails and online reports they send you to help stay up-to-date with what your kids think is cool. Your children will be able to find their regular websites and you will be able to adjust each of your kids’ age settings to ensure that KidZui is appropriate for their motor skills and reading ability. The KidZui browser is for kids age 3-12.

Here a video that helps to explain more about the KidZui browser:

As of this posting, KidZui is offering a free 30 day trial and is normally $9.95/month, but for inaugural members, KidZui is just $4.95 per month (Fun 4 The Children is not an affiliate for KidZui, just posting a review for other parents who may be interested).

Visit the KidZui website to learn more about their child friendly web browser and to read some reviews from other parents.

For those of you that use the KidZui browser of have friends or relatives that have, please let us know what you think.

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ecommerce305 said...

what a fun idea, I am wracking my brain right now trying to put something together