Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Leprechaun Coloring Pages - St. Patrick's Day - Part I

What would St. Patrick's Day be without a few Leprechauns? Here a full list to give you many different choices in choosing which Leprechauns you would like to color.

I have broken down the Leprechaun coloring pages into two posts with this being part I. To see part II visit: Leprechaun Coloring Pages - St. Patrick's Day - Part II

As of the time of the posting of these coloring pages links, Fun 4 The Children has downloaded and printed them out with no problems occurring to computer or printer.

Leprechaun - with pipe

Leprechaun - rainbow and pot of gold

Leprechaun - cane and pot of gold

Leprechaun - with cane

Leprechaun - sitting on pot of gold

Leprechaun - man and women -Happy St Patrick's Day

Leprechaun - Happy St Patrick's Day

Leprechaun - in a jar (draw your own)

Leprechaun - swimming in pot of gold

Leprechaun - throwing candy

Leprechaun - playing piano

Leprechaun - draw and color

Leprechaun - Bonne St Patrick

Leprechaun - face with clovers

Leprechaun - blowing bubbles

Leprechaun - chasing rainbow

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