Sunday, March 30, 2008

Personalized Name Songs for Children

Grab yourself a cute personalized name song for your child. They have many different names listed for both boys and girls and are continually adding more to the website.

After downloading the song you child can watch the computer screen as they can see I light show as their songs plays.

Yo can also burn the song to a CD so your child has it to play in their room or in your car.

Visit the Maestro Dusty’s website to see if your child's name is available and to download your free song.

My thoughts: It's a cute song with your child's name mentioned a bunch of times. My little guy thought it was funny every time he heard his name. Geared more toward the younger children.

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Maine Mom said...

I'm disappointed with the name list. There are a lot more common names that could be included. But this IS a cute idea.

Sammie said...

I agree Maine mom, I'm missing two of my children's names. Hopefully they add more of the common ones soon. Thanks for the visit.