Thursday, April 3, 2008

Capt'n Willie's Great Lakes Pirate Crew

Ahoy Matey! Capt'n Willie is on the lookout for new Great Lake Pirates crew members and your little pirate can climb aboard.

Crew Members will receive:

*Official Crew Member Certificate
*Hero Card Autographed by Capt'n Willie
*Two Capt'n Willie Temporary Tattoos
*Pirate Paper Eye Patch
*Smiley Face Pirate
*Shipwreck Treasure Replica

Click link to see what crew members will receive.

To join Capt'n Willie's Great Lake Pirates Crew all you have to do is print out the application on their website, fill it in and send it to the provided address. You can also visit Capt'n Willie's coloring book page to print out a picture, color and send in with the application. Capt'n Willie will then add it to his "Buccaneers Gallery" for all of the world to see.

After your finished with your application, make sure your children take a look around Capt'n Willie's website where they can have some fun while learning more about pirates, Capt'n Willie himself (he is real), The Great Lakes, Ohio, rivers, fish, ecology and more. A search under the "Nautical Nonsense" tab is where you will find most of the content.

A big thank you with this one goes to Theresa and her son Liam for sending me an e-mail to share this with the readers of this blog. Thank you for sharing and your kind words about Fun 4 The Children.

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