Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day Coloring Pages

Earth Day began on April 22nd, 1970 and is celebrated every April 22 since or so the story goes. Plain and simple Earth Day is a day to remind us to take care of our Earth!

As part of my eight year old daughter wanting to help out spread the word about Earth Day, she printed out a bunch of these coloring pages earlier this afternoon, colored them and then wrote sayings and messages on the pictures. From there, she had me drive around the neighborhood posting them to poles, in storefronts, and handing to neighbors.

Tomorrow, it's on to a vacant field next to her favorite toy store, to clean up any garbage and plant flowers!

Here's a few coloring pages to help celebrate Earth Day.

Enjoy your Earth Day and the coloring pages!

Save The Earth - Bunny

Earth Day - April 22

Earth Day

Recycle Gorilla


Save our Planet - Koala Bear

Recycle Symbol

Plant a Tree - Kids can make a difference. Girl with watering can.

Keep your Neighborhood Clean


If you have an Earth Day picture, story or activity you would like to share, send me an e-mail or comment. If you find a coloring page link not working, please let me know.