Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Horton Activity Book (You Can Be an ENERGY STAR)

A Who's Guide To Saving Our Planet For Who's Of All Shapes and Sizes.

Your children can join Horton and the Mayor in the fight against Global Warming.

Activities listed in this fun, six page book include:

Word search
Learn to draw Horton
Connect the numbers and spread the word
Crossword and jokes

The free Horton's Activity Book can be downloaded and printed on your computer or you can order hard copies at the Energy Star website. As of this posting the hard copy of Horton's Activity Book are on back order until late April. Energy Star states "Order now and we'll deliver the item when it's available." You can still download copies if you don't feel like waiting for them to arrive.

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Dr Seuss Poems said...

It's good to see Seuss fans are environmentalists as well!

Keep up the good posts, I love the blog!