Monday, April 14, 2008

McGruff the Crime Dog On Gun Safety

This is a safety post for all families. Again, this is off the topic of being fun for your children, but every now and then when I come across something I feel is extremely important and helpful to all of us with children, I will post it.

Read or watch the news daily and you will see children being hurt by guns. Be it at your home, a friends house or out on the streets, it's happening everyday. Visit a news website online and punch in this topic and I'd bet you would find articles on daily occurrences. Visit Common Sense about Kids and Guns and look at the "In The News" section... once again daily occurrences. While your at their website, look toward the top of their site and read the stats that rotate. Unbelievable!

I was very happy to find a website (NSSF) that might be of help with this subject. They will let you order up to three copies (you can give to other family members, friends, etc) of "McGruff the Crime Dog On Gun Safety" videos.

Another helpful site, and one that I mentioned is Common Sense about Kids and Guns. Visit their website to learn more about a program called Project ChildSafe, which distributes free firearm safety kits through law enforcement departments and other agencies in your state. Search further around their website as they have some great resources.

Finally, make sure to visit to read more gun safety rules, print out a coloring page of McGruff's steps to gun safety, and read some comic strips to read what Scruff does when he sees a gun.

I hope this post is of help to some of you and I don't want to ruin the fun of this blog, but as I stated, this is an important issue. Thanks for reading this post.

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