Thursday, May 22, 2008

Teen Chat Decoder

Parents here's a little help in understanding your kids online chat.

Information from Teen Chat Decoder: "Understanding your kids online chat gets harder everyday, and the acronym and abbreviations that they use in their instant and chat messages don't make it any easier for parents.

By using the Teen Chat Decoder online acronym database, parents can "stay current" with the lingo and chat abbreviations that their kids use everyday."

Don't understand: AFAICT, just click it into the decoder and you will learn that it means "As far as I can tell".

Other useful information you can find while at the Teen Chat Decoder website includes: chat room safety tips, acronym dictionary, online safety sites. parental control software, and the teen chat decoder that you can download to your desktop.

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Robert Woods said...

I love it ... thanks for pointing to the decoder. That will help out a bunch.

Sammie said...

Your welcome, glad to hear it can be of help. Thank you for your visit