Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jiff-e-Books - Personalized Children's Story Books

Free personalized children's story books, animal coloring book and award certificates can all be found at Jiff-e-Books.

You can start off by making free personalized books for you children. Very easy to make, you just enter your child's name, the name(s) of one or more of their friends, the child's hometown, and whether the child is male or female. After the book is created you can print it out on your computer printer or just read it online.

As of this posting, they offer 22 personalized book titles with the titles changing weekly.

Next, you can also download a full animal alphabet coloring book which you can print out on your computer printer.

If your looking for award certificates, make sure you click on the "Free Awards Certificate" link where you can print various Certificates of Achievement to reward your child for a job well done.

When you visit the Jiff-e-Books website, look in the left sidebar where you will see "FREE for our Viewers", under that you can find the links to the personalized children's books, the coloring book and the award certificates.

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