Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Picturebook - Personalized Children's Book

With My Picturebook you can create a free personalized children's book. Inside the book you can include:

Your child
Pet (dog as of this posting)

The book is very easy to create as you just select an answer or type in an answer from the menu. After you finished with your answers your online personalized book will be created.

Its a cute book (approximatly 38 pages) that your children will enjoy reading and hearing their name(s) in. You can also copy and save the book for others and even embed it into a website or blog if you publish one.

Here is the one created by my daughter (also Sammie). Of course the car's name has to be Hannah Montana for her favorite person in the whole world.

To get started just visit the My Picturebook website above.

If anyone creates a personalized book they would like to share, copy the embeded link and e-mail it to me (e-mail link at top corner of this blog). I will post them to Fun 4 The Children

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