Sunday, November 30, 2008

Free personalized Santa Video 2008

UPDATE: The link for the Free personalized Santa Video 2008 has expired. Please make sure you visit all of our other Christmas and Hanukkah Pages!

Here your chance to make you child a star in a free Santa video. Just upload a photo of your child (head shots work the best), do a little editing and you Santa video is ready.

They have an option to send the video in an e-mail to loved ones and then another option to get free holiday music. You can decline either one of these options by clicking the "No Thanks" link located toward the top, right hand side of their website.

After you video is created and you watch it, they also have options again to send the video to family and friends in an e-mail, bookmark the page to watch anytime or a link to embed the video into a website.

Free personalized Santa Video

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