Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Put Yourself In A Snowglobe 2008

Here's another cute holiday widget to share some laughs. With this one, you get to upload photos of you children or the whole family if you choose and then view the performance in a snowglobe.

First you will upload whatever photos you would like to appear and then adjust the photos and pick outfits for them.

From there you get to choose between nine different scenes. When you finished choosing your scene, your snowglobe is finished.

After your snowglobe is finished you can get a closeup look or even shake you globe by clicking the images to the top, right hand side of your snowglobe.

You also have an option of embedding your globe in your website or blog if you have one and/or sending your snowglobe to family and friends.

Below you will see our snowglobe of Santa and Mrs Claus.

To create your snowglobe click on the "make your own" link beneath our snowglobe below or click: Put Yourself In A Snowglobe

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