Monday, April 13, 2009

Activities to keep your toddler amused during the summer

There are plenty of activities that you can participate with your toddler that need not break the bank! Some of the best moments you can have with your child cost nothing and this article will show you how.

1. Buy a football or a small ball. Your child will have endless hours of fun throwing or kicking the ball around outside. This activity can involve just you or anyone else in the family who wants to participate. The more the merrier and the more your child will enjoy!

2. Take your child to the local swimming pool and have a splash around. Many pools have special fun hours where your child can meet other children and use some of the water toys made available.

3. Have a walk in the park. Point out the flora and fauna and let them feel, smell and touch all the textures around. Take some of this home so you can make a picture or collage to remember what you done.

4. If your child owns a bike take them for a ride around the area. This lets them burn off all that excess energy and gets you out in the fresh air too!

5. Buy some fruit and let your child pick out what he wants and make fruit smoothies for him to enjoy. Buy fruit he may not have tried before and let him experience new tastes and textures.

6. Do some gardening and let your child become involved in planting some seeds. Over the course of the seed’s development, point out any new growth and flowers when the seeds mature. At the end of the flowering season, press the flower and let your child use this to make a nice memento.

7. Make up sandwiches and finger food and have a picnic. This could take place in your back yard, at the park or anywhere you please. Make up special treats for your child to enjoy for them to remember the special day.

8. Let your friends and their children to meet up with you in the park and take along some outdoor toys such as a bat and ball or a Frisbee. Get your child to play an active part in mixing and mingling with the others around them.

9. Buy some bagels or pizza bases and let them make their own pizza face for them to eat later on.

10. Go to the beach and take along a bucket and spade and make sand castles. Take along your own food so you don’t have to eat out. Sand in the sandwiches is all part of the experience!

A big thank you to Alan Murray of for sharing these wonderful ideas with us. For more help and information on toddlers visit

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