Saturday, April 18, 2009

McGruff SafeGuard

Here's another one for parents and guardians of children. This is for a free service called McGruff SafeGuard that helps to monitor and protect your children when online.

"McGruff SafeGuard is a service that intelligently monitors kids' Internet activity, including: website visits, chat and instant messaging, search engine phrases, social network profiles on MySpace, Facebook and many others. The Service alerts parents to problems such as Internet predators, dangerous behavior, underage/illicit sexual activity, suicide, drug use, credit card abuse and crime."

Parents can sign up for a free account at and then download and then install the McGruff software on each computer they want to safeguard. After the software has been installed on your child's computer, their activity is transmitted back to the McGruff website, where it will be stored for parents to review.

McGruff SafeGuard offers a free service and premium account. "McGruff SafeGuard Free stores up to 1000 messages per day for one PC in your home. McGruff SafeGuard Family provides unlimited messages per day for up to 6 PCs in your home."

McGruff SafeGuard is a partnership between the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and ParentsOnPatrol (POP).

This is a wonderful program to help protest your children while on the Internet and to provide helpful advice to parents on how to deal with certain issues.

Fun 4 The Children is not affiliated with McGruff SafeGuard in any way.

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