Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recently, I was asked to review the new website and I'm happy to report that what I found was a unique, fun and educational site! is a new sports-themed virtual world website for kids 6+ where a healthy, positive lifestyle is reinforced through fun games and safe social interaction. There are individual and multi-player games, where children learn about problem-solving, goal setting, good sportsmanship, teamwork, fitness and good nutrition – all while having fun!

Created by two moms, is based in the fictional town of “Varsity Heights,” where members receive a user id and password for their own, private account.

Once registered, members can log in to the world and select one of seven sports-themed, animated characters as their onscreen persona and engage in classic arcade-style games, sports-themed games, as well as activities geared towards learning.

The seven All-Star Buddies include:

* Ace (Baseball)
* Blitz (Football)
* Swish (Basketball)
* Deke(Hockey)
* Striker (Soccer)
* Deuce (Tennis)
* Chip (Golf)

Children can also collect the seven All Star Buddies plush toys which are available for purchase at selected specialty toy and gift stores. The characters include a unique, promotional code that children can enter online to receive extra privileges in Varsity Heights.

Fun, unique and educational, while teaching important values and lessons that every kid should know. A wonderful website that you children will love. Grab a buddy and have a ball!

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