Sunday, June 21, 2009

littleye - Online safety for kids

"Keep your kids safe online this summer for FREE! littleye keeps your kids safe not matter where they go online. littleye locks the browser and only allows your kids to go to safe sites!

littleye is a virtual fence around "safe websites" that have been reviewed and approved by our community of parents and teachers. Kids can surf the Internet, but only within that virtual fence of a trusted safe list of websites. littleye is also a parental control center that is easy to use from any where, anytime.

Once you download and install littleye, you will see the littleye icon in the upper right hand corner of your browser. Green means that littleye is “ON” and the browser is safe for kids and we are tracking your kids online activity in mylittleye, your parental control center. Red means that littleye is “OFF” so the browser is not safe for kids and we are not tracking any activity."

littleye offers a free 30 day trial but by using the link provide, you will get a free lifetime subscription.

A big thank you to Sara for sharing littleye with us.

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