Monday, August 3, 2009

Play Clay

I found this neat booklet that shows you how to make Play Clay as well as crafts made by your children using the Play Clay.

Play Clay is homemade modeling clay that becomes permanent after it drys. It is made bu using a few simple ingredients:

ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda

Play Clay is fun to use with kids of all ages, will help with those times of boredom and your kids will use their hands and their imagination to make nearly anything they wish.

In the Play Clay booklet you will find the recipe and directions to make your own Play Clay and many different ideas of what to make with your Play Clay.

Visit Play Clay booklet to download and print out your copy.

If you would like to share an photos of your children's creations with Play Clay, snap a photo and send them to us in an e-mail. We will list them on Fun 4 The Children (please provide your child's first name and age). If you have any neat ideas on projects to make with your Play Clay, please let us know.

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Kellie said...

Hi Sammie,

I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the Blogging Women directory. I'm Kellie from Women's Life Link (featured site this month).

I remember making this clay when I home-schooled my older daughters. I also have a toddler, so I will need it again. I will be back to check out some more posts!


Sammie said...

Hi Kellie. Thanks for the welcome. I am a reader and fan of your blog which I found through Blogging Women. Many great women's blogs listed there.

Thanks for the visit and keep up the fine job with your blog!