Sunday, October 4, 2009

Children's Books Forever

Hans Wilhelm, author/illustrator of such books as “Bunny Trouble” and “Tyrone the Horrible” has added nearly 100 of his foreign and out-of-print books on his website, Children's Books Forever, where your children can be read and enjoyed them all for free!

All the books on Children's Books Forever are available to download for free and have become classics and children's favorites around the world.

Hans Wilhelm is a world-renowned author and illustrator of children books whose works have been published and circulated worldwide. He has published close to 200 books for which he has been both writer and illustrator. His publications and artworks are popular in countries of four continents such as Canada, US, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Australia, Egypt, Iraq and Iran.

Information from Hans Wilhelm:

There are other beloved characters that have touched millions of young readers and are no longer in print. I have therefore decided to create this website where every child, parent, teacher, and librarian can download and read all my books that are no longer available in print. It is a totally free service. You can print these books out or use them on your SmartBoard, PowerPoint and overhead projector. Furthermore, I am adding all those books that I have specially created for my European and Japanese publishers. I plan to have them in the original language as well as in English. Once all the foreign books have been scanned and translated the site will feature over 100 books.

Children's Books Forever is a wonderful website that I know your children will enjoy. With new titles being added as soon as they become available, your children will have the chance to read some exception books and find favorites to call their own. An A+ to Mr Wilhelm and Children's Books Forever!

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