Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Stencils

Another year has come and gone so very quickly and Halloween is upon us again. Last year we posted a bunch of great websites for you to get pumpkin stencils and patterns (see below for those links).

I've come across some new pumpkin stencils and patterns for your children (with your help) to enjoy carving into their pumpkins.

Along with the old pumpkin stencils post and these new ones, your children should find something they like.

P.S. In case they don't, you can always use the Pumpkin Stencil Maker which you will find listed on the "Presidential Pumpkin Stencils and Pumpkin Stencil Maker" post.

Nick Jr. Jack-o'-lanterns pumpkin stencils - Follow the step-by-step instructions and character stencils to create a Dora, Blue, Moose, Backyardigans, Wubbzy, or Yo Gabba Gabba jack-o'-lantern.

Pumpkins: From Stencils to Carved - this one is from Better Homes and Gardens. A great way to select a pumpkin carving pattern. See a stencil outline, then go to the next slide to see the actual carved pumpkin. You do have to register to see the PDF pumpkin stencil downloads.

Disney Character Pumpkin Carving Printables - Add a little Disney magic to your Halloween with pumpkin carving printables. Carve a Disney Character Pumpkin.

Kraft Foods Pumpkin Stencils & Carving Tips - you'll find pumpkin stencils, a pumpkin carving guide and pumpkin carving tips. Free Pumpkin Patterns - "For those looking for something unique for Halloween this year, something different, perhaps even inspirational, uplifting, or patriotic. This site features pumpkin templates that will challenge advanced pumpkin carvers as well as simpler stencils that will entertain beginner carvers."

Halloween Patterns & Pumpkin Carving Templates ( - Carve a spooktacular pumpkin with these terror-iffic printable templates.

Make sure you visit all of our other fun Halloween pages!

If the above links are not working or are expired, please do us a favor and let us know by clicking: Contact US. We may also be able to help you get some of the free coloring books, pages and E-books that may have expired.

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