Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pilgrims - Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Here's a new list of the first settlers of Plymouth Massachusetts, the Pilgrims.

Print them out and staple them all together to make your own pilgrim coloring book. You could also mix in other Thanksgiving coloring page images such as Indians and turkeys to complete your Thanksgiving coloring book.

Please be advised that when you click on any of the links below, you will be leaving the Fun 4 The Children blog. Kids, please check with your parents before looking at new websites!

Pilgrim and Indians - arm wrestling

Pilgrim Man

Pilgrim Men - with turkey, fire and housing

Pilgrim Boy #1 - with "Give Thanks" pumpkin

Pilgrim Boy #2 - Happy Thanksgiving

Pilgrim Girl - Happy Thanksgiving

Pilgrim Reading

Pilgrim and turkey

Male and Female Pilgrim #1

Male and Female Pilgrim #2

Male and Female Pilgrim - preparing to eat turkey

Friendly Pilgrim and Indian - with turkey and corn

Pilgrim and Indian #1

Pilgrim and Indian #2

Pilgrim at the Cross

Feel free to share your decorated coloring pages with us or any Thanksgiving coloring pages you have drawn.

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