Saturday, December 19, 2009

Elf Yourself 2009

Back for 2009 is the ever popular, ever very funny Elf Yourself. Turn your children or your whole family into dancing elves! Always a fun and popular post on Fun 4 The Children, we had a great time with this last year and this year they have added a couple new features.

Create your own video by uploading a photo of your child (or anyone you would like) to see them get transform into a dancing elf, complete with music and an optional message.

To get started, you will upload a photo of who you want to star in the video. Be advised, it's easier to use photos with closeups of the head and face. After you upload your photo you will get to adjust the head size and rotate the photo. From their, you will position the mouth in the photo.

When your finished positioning the mouth, you will have a choice to upload up to four more photos, to have all your family members dance together or proceed with your original photo.

You next decision is to choose a dance. There are five dance choices for you to choose from (Hip Hop, Singing, Disco, Classic, and Country).

That's it, you finished. You will have the option of e-mailing your video to friends and loved ones. You can also embed your videos into any websites or blogs you may publish or share them through MySpace, Facebook and other sites. They are also offering products for you to purchase from your videos and an option to download your videos for a small fee.


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ONE of THE GUYS said...

We kids love this one. I have to say, pretty funny!

Happy Holidays!