Friday, February 26, 2010

How to Make a St Patrick's Day Leprechaun Wall Hanging Craft

Here's a cute leprechaun for your children to create. When finished they can hang them on the front door to greet visitors or hang them in the windows as decorations.

Materials needed to crate the Leprechaun Wall Hanging Craft:

Small paper plate and regular size paper plate
Paint - Green and skin colored (tan or peach)
Various colored construction paper
Black magic marker
Craft glue
Scissors (safety scissors for smaller kids)
Pattern 1
Pattern 1

Tips and/or ideas:

Create a large rainbow and paste back of the leprechaun on top of the rainbow.

Create larger and smaller size leprechauns. You can shrink the patterns down with image editing software or your computer printer if yours has that option. You can always draw them freehand also.

Be creative and have fun!

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