Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Help your Toddler Learn the Days of the Week

Need some help getting your toddler to learn the days of the week? If so, this video from ModernMom, Nancy Stone, might be your answer.

A few fun, simple and easy tips:

Rhyme things with the days of the week.

Make a large calendar and let your children get involved by getting them to write or trace out letters of each day and decorate.

Use association by telling them things such as:

"It's Saturday and we don't have to go to school on Saturday" or

"It's Sunday and we go to church."

The more times you can remind your child not just what day it is today, but what day it's going to be tomorrow, the more times your child will start to get the association.

Underwear or socks with days of the week on them are another great way for them to learn!

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Edie Mindell said...

Very informative post you got here. Teaching kids is a hard task because of their lack of attention or very short attention span. So, finding creative and fun ways to introduce learning to them is really a big help for all moms out there. Thank you very much!

Faith said...

Couldn't agree with you more Edie. Your so welcome and thank you for your comment!