Monday, April 26, 2010

Mother's Day Craft: Fun Flower Craft

Here's a wonderful gift the kids can work on for Mother's Day. We will need dads, grandparents (not grandma if this is for her), older siblings or other loved ones to help the younger children create their special Fun Flower Craft for mom.

Materials need to create Fun Flower Craft:

Crayola Color Explosion White Paper and Markers
Crayola scissors
Crayola glue
Recycled container
Cardboard tube
Rubber bands

Now I'm sure you can get by making the project without the Crayola name products. I listed them because they created this video and craft, not to mention, they have great products.

Be creative and add you own style and decoration to this craft. One possible idea is to add small photos of your you child or children to each flower petal. If anyone has any ideas to add to this craft, please share with us. Have fun!

If the above video is not working, please do us a favor and let us know by clicking: Contact US

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