Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Coloring Pages

The beautiful and hot days of summer are upon us. Longest days and shortest nights. Kiddies done with school. Time for a little fun with the family and maybe some relaxation (MAYBE).

In celebration of my families official start of summer, here is a nice list of Summer Coloring Pages for you and the kids to print out and decorate.

Man laying in a Hammock coloring page.

Family at Beach coloring page.

Sailboats coloring page.

The Sun coloring page.

Girl playing at the Beach coloring page.

The Beach coloring page - crab, sand castle and beach ball.

Boy on Surfboard coloring page.

Children at the Beach coloring page.

Boy swimming in Ocean coloring page.

Bee pollinating Flowers coloring page.

Sandals and Beach Umbrella coloring page.

Girl building Sand Castle coloring page.

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