Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Free Sesame Street Magazine Downloads

For those of you that may not know, over at the Sesame Workshop website you can get a free download of the current issue of Sesame Street Magazine.

Inside the Sesame Street Magazine, you and your child can enjoy a colorful array of stories, games, activities and more.

You can download the magazine in PDF format and then decided if you want to save it to your computer, print out the whole book, or only print out the activity pages that you want.

I'm not sure when they publish each issue but it looks like they offer a new free Sesame Street Magazine download every month or two.

In the July / August issue you will find that the seven colors of the rainbow are all around you. Using summer's sunny adventures, this issue will expand your child's appreciation of the world's many colors and develop their artistic eye.

Visit the Sesame Workshop website to download your Free Sesame Street Magazine and be sure to check every month or so to see if there are new issues available.

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