Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fun Activities to help your Children Lose Weight

If you were born during the 50, 60’s 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s, chances are you have not availed of any government program about childhood obesity or even enrolled in a kids gym. You may have gone to a summer camp but not on a weight loss camp, played basketball that involves running and jumping not just by smashing buttons, and played hula hoops with a hoop around your waist not by standing on a Wii balance board. This is all because most, if not all, children during those times are physically fit because they know how to play real games. Kids love to play, no arguments on that; however because of the advent of TVs, video games, and Internet, kids play at home instead of playing in the park. Real play is vital in a kid’s growth and development because through play, their social, mental, emotional, and physical aspects are all enhanced. Let us use play and other fun activities to help the children lose weight and avoid obesity.


If you have a sport, try introducing it to your child because all sports are good calorie- burners. Though different sports burn calories at different degree, the fact that kids get to use their muscles mean they are on the right path to lose weight. If you do not have a sport, then this is the perfect time to have one. Some of the sports that you and your kid could try are full court basketball which burns 847 calories/hr, Lacrosse which burns 653 calories/hr, fencing which burns 456 calories/hr, and baseball which burns 388 calories/hr. You and your kids do not only lose weight through sports, but you get to have a fun quality time together.


Vacation may be expensive but if ever you plan on having one, plan a vacation that have a fun calorie burning activity waiting for you and your kid. This way, you do not only enjoy your much deserved vacation but you and your kid can continue shedding off those excess pounds. Try a vacation getaway to Canada for a downhill ski (673 calories/hr), go Wild Wild West as you do horseback riding (194 calories/hr), or go snorkeling in Hawaii (408 calories/hr).


If you are not into sports and vacation is a bit expensive, how about try dancing (456 calories/hr). You just need some music and you’re all set. Dancing is a good choice especially for young girls as they love to pretend that they are ballerinas or Hannah Montana.

The percentage of kids and teenagers who are obese is growing at an alarming rate, and most of the obese children stay this way even until they reach adulthood. Health professionals blame this to the availability of foods that are very high in calories and sodium, TV, video games, and even parents for not supervising their children. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that their kids grow fit and healthy.

This is a guest post by Chris. Chris provides guides on how to lose weight in a way that is healthy and natural. Being a parent of two he can greatly appreciate the importance of healthy living especially for children.

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